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What our Edu Au Pairs say about their Experience

My family was extremely good. Very westernized, so I had a lot of freedom like back home. Although, there was much westernization among my family and household, they still were rich in culture to share with me. I spent a totaling 6 months with my host family and I was completely satisfied. My family took me on holiday for new year’s to Yunnan, in the south of China and it was the best weekend of my life.
Jessica from Britain, (6 months)
Just be present as much as possible. Immerse yourself in the experience by doing things and taking opportunities. Reflect on your experience daily and stay positive.
Anthony from New Zealand, (3 months)
I had no problems, but they listened my worries. Only the child speaks English, so it is a little bit hard to communicate with the family members. But luckily the translator app helps. Just be who you are and be open minded.
Heli from Finland, (4.5 months)
Overall the program was very good and fun! Really enjoyed the language class and found them to be very helpful. The family was always very nice and treated me well, but I missed the freedom of living on my own or with people my own age.
Arianne from America , (3.5 months)
It was interesting to experience the Chinese lifestyle and it was a good choice to come here. My host young sister is a gorgeous girl and we never has problems with each other. It was rather easy for me to accustom to Chinese life and my host family also helped me. But it was a little difficult for me to get used to the busy daily routine Chinese have. I have made Chinese friends and learned a lot about language and culture.
Maren from Germany, (6 months)
To be patient and to learn everyday. We don’t have the same culture and the same habit, so we have to be patient. Living in the Chinese family is very interesting. I will never forget it. 我非常喜欢我的家庭。真的很有意思.
Charlotte from France, (2 months)
Before arriving to China, I has many assumptions of what I thought it would be like. However, after being here a while, I realized that almost all my predispositions were false. Beijing is a great city that is very similar to big cities in my country, such as New York. I have made so many friends here. I was given so many opportunities to attend events hosted by universities and companies. These experiences gave me insight on so many possible jobs and programs I can do after I graduate collage. This trip has given me a huge advantage for planning my future. I have learnt so much about people and cultures outside of the United States that I never knew. This will not be my last trip to Beijing!
Katherine from America, (4 months)
Not being able to communicate with the family properly due to the language barrier would be fixed by spending more time learning Chinese. I usually used a translation app to communicate with my family and it helped. When I felt homesick, I went to see my friends here and went shopping to take my mind off it. It is a wonderful experience, just be ready for a few bumps if you don’t speak much Chinese.
Vreni from Scottland, (3 months)
Some kind of schedule is really good to have. It makes things a lot more simple. If you have any troubles or difficulties with the host family, talk about it as soon as possible. It is probably not as big of a deal as you think it is. Odds are, it is a misunderstanding of some sort. It took me about one month to at least get a little used to Chinese culture. Give it a time. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to ask someone from the agency. They helped me a lot during my stay in Beijing.
Ida from Finland, (4 months)
It’s a very nice experience you shouldn’t miss it. That the child and the parents love me, and we are getting along well. When I felt homesick, I did talk with my boyfriend over Skype or the family was going out with me before I even get homesick.
Corinna from Germany, (6 months)
Being an au pair in Beijing was such a great experience, starting with the lovely family that always treated me as another member of the family. They were nice to me since the beginning to the end. The agency was also an important part in my au pair experience. As they provided me assistance when I needing it. And the Chinese lessons were really interesting as the au pair activities every month. I have learned a lot from them. Lastly I have to say that Beijing is such a nice city full of things to do and completely safe. The only risk of being au pair in China is wanting to stay. I loved this experience and I am so grateful.
Sergio from Colombia, (4 months)
Great experience to have; you learn more about yourself, China and the family you live with. You can see beautiful places. Such as the Great Wall or more the history side of Beijing – Ming Tombs.
Nikki from the UK, (3 months)
I have been in China for about 12 months. This has been one of the greatest and best years of my life. I have enjoyed living with a Chinese family in their home and experiencing Chinese culture. I can even speak a bit of Chinese now. Even though I do not know how to write the characters, living with a Chinese family in their home has made the experience easier than what it would have been living all by yourself in a strange country. The agency has been very helpful, kind and supporting towards me. They have fun au pair activity for all the au pairs very month. If you plan on coming to China as an au pair, you definitely do not need to fear being alone and not having friends. I have gotten to know so many great people this year I am so grateful for what this experience has offered me.
Suzanne from South Africa, (12 months)
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