The simple truth is, however, that the is actually poetry, perhaps not thinking and other types of expository speech

New poetry helps that it expectation of the starting a phrase, Erhebung, that is taken right from early nineteenth-century German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, whoever facts swayed Bradley. Erhebung and instantaneous experience, through its insinuations off a height and authenticating of your average, perform each other contain in this on their own the brand new information one to Eliot is seeking so you can concretize in the however section, which is one another in this and you will additional normal feel. So, after that, this “achievement away from . . . limited ecstasy” and you can “quality out of . . . limited nightmare” try not to actually ever end up being properly indicated except courtesy an accumulation outline that is just like the lyrical given that religious, just like the philosophical as literary, so when practical just like the paradoxical, since the are common patterns that poetry by yourself is reconcile into the an effective semblance, by itself “nonetheless nonetheless moving,” out-of what the however area is actually.

Sooner the concept are expressed on the religious words of heaven and you can damnation, but any sort of method the poetry and you can, in it, new poet’s attention turns, the text will never quite do just about anything more indicate they about continuous picture of brand new rose lawn. “