Liselotte Cretia is the youngest boy and just dily, a popular noble house about Galwark Kingdom

The lady 2nd opportunity try when she read you to definitely Haruto is actually heading so you’re able to escort Christina so you’re able to Galwark and you will requested so you can praise them

She graduated from the regal academy of the skipping grades from time to time, established a corporate you to became to your an international agency well-known in even nearby countries, became a great governor, and you can arranged land one she had out of the lady parents towards one to of the very most successful metropolitan areas about kingdom, all the if you are nevertheless merely 15 years dated.

As the Haruto are a traveler the relationship come quite solid, mainly while the Haruto had been overly cautious for the people out of noble neighborhood

A sensible, beautiful woman having duke review relationship, a prosperous area, and you can successful organization, all those manage slide to the give of any man that got the lady hand. Attracted of the you to definitely, Liselotte end up being thus sought after she remain researching a marriage offer out-of noble from around the world, even up to the exact same duke review.

Yet not one person been able to effortlessly just take their hands, there is no reports neither rumor in the her delivering personal having one man, she never ever communicates that have people away from business otherwise functions, up until she stumbled on the latest Galwark Hero Introduction group which have Haruto since the their spouse.

Liselotte and contains the brand new memories out of Minamoto Rikka, a highschool lady of The japanese. Just like the Rio, Lisel