Sex slave girls face cruel justice within the Iraq

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Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) — In the among Baghdad’s a couple women juvenile prisons, the young Iraqi female live in limbo, despair and frustration permeating every aspect of its disrupted existence.

Particular face discipline to have prostitution. Someone else is charged with ties so you’re able to terrorism. Right after which you will find the subjects, plus trailing pubs.

“My father appeared and you can required to go check out my pops in Syria,” says Zeina, “and i also went with him.”

Your family trip ended up being a pay tale, and you can Zeina located herself facing one particular horrifying you can reality.

However, Zeina refused to stop to help you eg a horrendous fate. And in case a chance demonstrated in itself, she went out. “I am proud of me personally,” demonstrates to you Zeina. “I became me on police and you may would not sit where situation.”

She says she was then forcefully obtained from Syria towards the United Arab Emirates and you may marketed with the intimate thraldom

Authorities inside Dubai assisted the girl come back to Iraq, but way more cruelty anticipated their in Baghdad. The only way Zeina makes they family were to take a trip towards the good forged passport — a very significant offense in Iraq.

After leaking out the girl ordeal, Zeina discovered by herself getting sued, in lieu of being comforted. Since abuse, the woman is now p