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Experience China through a different perspective in the most authentic way there is – from the core of Chinese culture: family.

Our China Edu Au Pair program is a nice and safe way to explore China. As an Edu Au Pair you will live with a Chinese family for 3 to 12 months and take part in their everyday life. This unique program gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and to see China from a perspective which is out of reach for tourists, business travelers and even the majority of foreign students.

Learn more about our program and our placement locations. Get an idea of the Edu Au Pair experience through our Edu Au Pairs and when you are ready: check out our recent openings for Edu Au Pair placements and apply online.

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  • Learn Chinese for beginners: HSK1 Lesson 2-Chinese Phonetics (2)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYAyitBmCSo In this video, you will be learning 7 initials and 18 finals. Also, you will learn a few new words and greetings. Chinese is not as difficult as you thought …
  • Learn Chinese for Beginners-HSK 1 Lesson 1 (Part 2)In this video, you will the learn the rule of tone changing, 5 basic strokes of Chinese characters, and 5 single-component characters. Chinese is not as difficult as you thought. Come on and learn wit …
  • Learn Chinese for very beginners: HSK1 (Part 1) Pinyin and TonesHSK1 Lesson 1 for very beginners. In this video you will learn 14 Chinese initials ,18 finals, 4 basic tones and how to say hello in Chinese. Please feel free to leave messages for any questions. Enjo …
  • Learning Mandarin-BMW Smashes into House, Elderly Residents Keep Playing Mahjong(HSK3)2019年10月3日,在四川的一个小村子里,一辆宝马撞墙而入,但是房间里的大爷大妈们没有多看这辆车一眼,还是在打麻将。 那天,有人看到一辆宝马车突然不受控制了,然后就撞到了旁边一个房子上,撞得那个墙破了一个大洞。那个时候,房间里有很多大爷大妈在打麻将。让人感到不敢相信的是,这些人看起来不关心这辆突然出现的车和破了一个大洞的墙,还是很高兴地打他们的麻将。 好在没有人受伤,只是这个房子的墙需要补一下。 …
  • Learning Mandarin-19-year-old Wins UK Lottery prize with First Ticket Ever Bought(HSK2)英国有一个19岁的男子,名字叫SamLawton。他第一次买彩票,就中了12万英镑的大奖。 Lawton说,他没有买过彩票。因为有一天他在电视上看见一个人中了300万英镑的大奖,所以他也想试一试。但是没想到,他第一次买彩票就中了大奖。 Lawton和他的女朋友有一个一岁的儿子。中奖后,他想带他们去旅游。 Keywords: 男子 – nánzǐ – a man / a male 次 – cì – …

Preferred Access to Renmin University

Did you know: Outstanding alumni of our programs looking to further their China expertise have preferred access to the English taught Contemporary China Studies Master Program at Renmin University, one of China's most prestigious Universities.

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